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Crafting compelling content at the intersection of AI, technology, and policy

Crafting compelling content at the intersection of AI, technology, and policy

Are you a thought leader in the world of AI, technology, and policy looking to amplify your voice and share your insights with a wider audience? As an experienced technology ghostwriter with a deep understanding of AI and its societal implications, I can help you create high-quality, engaging content that showcases your expertise and drives meaningful conversations.

About Me

With a strong background in AI technology and policy, I bring a unique perspective to my ghostwriting services. As the author of the AI newsletter "AI4Dinos" (, I have a proven track record of creating thought-provoking content that explores the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the world of AI.


I offer a comprehensive range of ghostwriting services tailored to the needs of AI and technology thought leaders, including:

  • Blog posts and articles for platforms like Substack and LinkedIn

  • Whitepapers and policy briefs

  • Non-fiction books and ebooks

  • Op-eds and thought leadership pieces

  • Website content and landing pages

  • Email newsletters and marketing content

  • Social media posts and content strategies

Whether you need a single article or a full-length book, I can help you craft compelling narratives that engage your target audience and position you as a leading voice in the field.

Why Choose Me?

  • Expertise in AI and policy: With a deep understanding of AI technology and its societal implications, I can create content that is informed, nuanced, and impactful.

  • Proven writing skills: My work on "AI4Dinos" and other projects demonstrates my ability to produce high-quality, engaging content that sparks meaningful conversations.

  • Collaborative approach: I work closely with my clients to understand their unique perspectives, goals, and target audiences, ensuring that the final product aligns with their vision and amplifies their voice.

  • Confidentiality and professionalism: I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring that your ideas and insights are protected throughout the ghostwriting process.


In addition to my work on "AI4Dinos," I have collaborated with numerous AI and technology thought leaders on a wide range of content projects. While the nature of ghostwriting often requires confidentiality, I would be happy to discuss my experience and provide sanitised samples of my work upon request.

Let's Work Together

Ready to take your thought leadership in AI and technology to the next level? Contact me today to discuss your content needs and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Crafting compelling content at the intersection of AI, technology, and policy

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